Hi Folks,
Wake up!!!! What happened???!!!! Guess, a busy day for lot's of u out there :)
In a few consultancies that I have done in Dubai, I have noticed that a few companies do not track the movement of employees or for that matter even their attendance!!!!
While the tracking of movement need not be rigid enough to strangle the employ, do you think there needs to be a simple system, just for accountability?
Right now, in a real estate company, I am facing a dilemma as to whether to bring this into place or not....Sales, Property Management and Property Development- these three depts have a lot of movement outside the premises..... while some work well, there are some who do misuse this....which is not productive for the organization....
To begin with a simple system of just leaving a message with the receptionist sounds ancient but it may work here...i am not sure....
Your views may help me in taking a decision....

From India, Coimbatore
Indeed it is difficult sometimes to track people who are in Sales or Marketing as their main job is outside. What one can do is either report to office in the morning before attending to their meetings or sales/marketing calls Or they could have a meeting daily about their tasks or jobs for the particular day. In this way a track can be maintained.. The next day the outcome can be discussed. They will be difficulties in ensuring that they are really working or just just wailing away time... But then again having constant contact and meetings ensure the desired goal or target for the company or department
For a company not having any attendance cards what one can do is to appoint a person in each department to ensure that details are filled up and on a particular date(ie before the payroll) the report is to be given to the HR or department head..

From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
In my company what I did is I asked the Coordinators in each department to track the attendance and finally before the payroll cut off date the same is to confirmed with their respective managers and by the line director and the same is then send to the HR department.
and before 2 months we have implented the swapping card and finger print for attendance.Also they are expected to be in the office atleast in the morning and then go for further meetings unless it is very urgent.

From Australia, Adelaide

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