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Query related to gratuity - appointment letters
(21 Replies, 761 Views) Thread by - tittli in "Employee Compensation & Benefits"
In a certain organization, there were 2 firms one was a proprietary firm and the other was a pvt ltd firm. The proprietor of the 1st firm was also one of the partner of the other firm. Due to some man...

Signed on a blank paper - joining formalities
(12 Replies, 495 Views) Thread by - ashok.jangra in "Talk To Seniors"
Dear All My Senior Please understand this issue and suggest the best solution with your legal view. One of my friends join in a Govt. Aided school as a Bed Teacher on Govt. Aided Post. The management ...

Employee died in heart attack after duty hours
(6 Replies, 367 Views) Thread by - Charan.crew in "Talk To Seniors"
An employee got heart attach after completing his duty but which changing his uniform in rest room. My doubt is that, whether Workman Compensation will cover this death & is he eligible for claim?...

Our hr lady deducting late comings with overtime payments
(22 Replies, 654 Views) Thread by - groupofpeople in "Employee Compensation & Benefits"
Our HR lady deducting late comings with Overtime payments — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — - Dear...

No of days for wages calculation :- 26 days or 30/31 days according to labour law
(29 Replies, 1567 Views) Thread by - in "Labor & Employee Relations"
Dear Seniors, can any body let me know about the wages rule according to labour law. Whether it should be calculated on the basis of 26 days ( 4 weekly off) or 30/31 days, many companies are following...

Sample ctc format with customization
(3 Replies, 86 Views) Thread by - shaikh.soyeb in "Forms, Formats & Questionnaires"
Dear All, I have tried to develop a CTC format. May be it will help you.I have tried to made some automated calculation. At top of the sheet you can choose to give PF / Bonus / incentive or not and sa...

Training and development to employees
(8 Replies, 241 Views) Thread by - in "Human Resource Management"
I am working in an IT company of 30 employees. Wish to start training and development for current and newly joined employees. Can anybody help me to understand how shall I plan the training module? I ...

Over time - hr assistant
(8 Replies, 232 Views) Thread by - hitendraraj04 in "Labor & Employee Relations"
Dear All, I am HR Assistant I want to know what is the criteria and rules of Over time . Please help me...

Rate of bonus under payment of bonus act.
(16 Replies, 300 Views) Thread by - abhishek673 in "Employee Compensation & Benefits"
Dear Sir/ Madam, As we all know the minimum rate of Bonus is 8.33% & maximum rate is 20% under Payment of Bonus Act. I would like to ask a question- Can a company pay any percentage of bonus (say 12% ...

Employees fate after company acquisition
(9 Replies, 307 Views) Thread by - Parikshit Roy in "Talk To Seniors"
Dear Seniors My query is: When a company 'A' acquires company 'B', can company 'A' fire the employee(s) of company 'B' in the name of downsizing. Is this legal. Regards Parikshit...

Is it right to deduct leave or salary in lieu for the days (i.e. sunday or holiday or weekly off) for which we are not paying.?
(12 Replies, 106 Views) Thread by - Taran Bhawsar in "Employee Compensation & Benefits"
Dear all, I am working as HR in an IT company from last 3 months. I am the first and only HR of the company, before me there was no HR Department in company. Earlier the Director of the company, himse...

Benefits provided to employees by nasscom
(1 Replies, 256 Views) Thread by - Rishna ravindran in "Talk To Seniors"
Hi Seniors, I am working as HR Executive in an IT company. I want to know what are the rules, regulations and other benefits that provided to employees by NASSCOM certification?...

Personal brand workbook
(5 Replies, 425 Views) Thread by - learningnovo in "Employee Training & Development"
Hi Friends, I found this workbook on Personal Branding and I liked the content so I thought of sharing it here. Hope you find it beneficial....

Provident fund enhancement of wage celling from rs. 6500/- to 15000/-
(22 Replies, 1440 Views) Thread by - Ganesh Chavan in "Employee Compensation & Benefits"
Dear All, Pl find attached PF amendment circular dated 14/07/2014 of Provident Fund Enhancement of Wage Celling from Rs. 6500/- to 15000/-. This is for your kind information pl....

Games - communication skills
(4 Replies, 551 Views) Thread by - chitra.sharma in "Employee Training & Development"
Hello Can any one provide me with interactive games for improving communication skills. Regards Chitra...

Increase in pf slab 2014
(11 Replies, 543 Views) Thread by - prajakta.waidande in "Human Resource Management"
Hi, I am totally confused as the budget 2014 has declared the pf slab increment. kindly guide me as to how to go about the increase slab. what is slab 6500 or 15000? and what is the basic to be consid...

Factory act - canteen - food /snacks/ tea - compulasory
(17 Replies, 519 Views) Thread by - Prashant B Ingawale in "Talk To Seniors"
Dear Seniors, In case of Factories Act if the number of employees are more than 250 then Canteen has to be set up by the employer. But in that canteen is it mandatory for the employer to provide Food ...

Uniform account number by epfo and eps95 ceiling raised to 15000
(6 Replies, 397 Views) Thread by - arjsreddi in "Employee Compensation & Benefits"
Today FM announced the above measures, and Pension of EPS95 members has been increased to Rs.1000 PM...

Is salary arrear affect pf wages - leave encashment
(11 Replies, 339 Views) Thread by - Mrs. Arora in "Employee Compensation & Benefits"
Greeting to All Seniors, Please update is Salary arrear affect my PF account. Also Leave Encashment would affect PF deduction. Kindly update Regards Ruchi...

Roles & responsibility of hr
(6 Replies, 301 Views) Thread by - mamta0916 in "Human Resource Management"
Hi, This is Mamta from KSHIPL I would like to know what is the roles & responsibility as an HR Head in education industry....

Latest ppt on labour laws - id act
(5 Replies, 275 Views) Thread by - ikjot2004 in "Labor & Employee Relations"
dear senior, can u share latest ppt on id act 1947 regards PS...

Wage ceiling in epf from 6500 to 15000 circular
(5 Replies, 259 Views) Thread by - dhinganirintu in "Human Resource Management"
Enhancement of wage ceiling from 6500/- to 15000/- in e.p.f....

Passing thought!
(1 Replies, 232 Views) Thread by - seedlearning in "Human Resource Management"
Manish Mohan ‏@seedlearning Look nowhere as everything worth looking lies within!...


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