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I was wondering if anyone knew what kind of actions I can take against someone that filed false harassment charges against myself and several co-workers. The investigation by the accusers company has said the charges cannot be substantiated but she is now coming back into the work area and we have all been attacked and made to look extremely bad even though the claim was a blatant lie.
21st December 2004 From United States, Milledgeville

Hi Frankie,

Sorry to hear that but probably there is nothing much that you can do in such circumstances. I am from India and know little about working in trans-national organizations. However, if you guys know those are false charge .. just try to keep your work performance good. (I was wondering, do you have a good chance of promotion ?)

Why don't you guys talk informally with other people (probably at lunch, car lot or in refreshment bar) ? Believe me, it will help.

Try to build rapport with your management, co-workers, peers and friends and practice a little public-relations. Talk to people, try to understand the undercurrents. Sit together with friends and decide on a strategy to tackle her. Concentrate on more unexpected situation and be prepared. Meditate, play and listen to your favorite music. Leave the rest on God. You will feel relaxed.

:) I shall be happy if you smile after that ..
4th January 2005 From India, Pune
Dear Colleagues,

In as much as we want to talk about harassment at the work place-there is this presumption that it is only in the area of gender/sexual harassment that such incidences happens.

However, harassment at the work place goes beyond canal knowledge.

Harrassment could come from both genders, seeking career favours-promotion, recognition etal and this could take different forms eg name-calling, intimidation, backbiting, rumour-spreading, kite-flying etal

Closely linked to the above is the issue of emotive-harassment-this comes in form of playing with employees emotions, teasing, taunting, especsially when the the employee in question has shown dislike for such, for instance the word "professor" obviously sounds positive but the moment an employee called by that nickname rejects it, the ideal thing is to drop such name-calling.

In addition is intimidation by supervising officers/line managers, at times they run their subordinates down even when they are actually doing well, the aim is to score them poorly at the point of evaluation-this falls under harassment as well.

Another issue I see in the work place is intellectually inclined, some officers would not want to accept that a subordinate of theirs is sound intellectually than they are-they now face it with arrogance and when proposals/suggestions/ideas are raised by such subordinates they would surpress it and eventually get the young man frustrated-this to me falls under career harassment.

In summary I just want to deduce that harassment at the workplace goes beyond sexual favours and as employees get to see things more clearly they would know at what point they are being harassed.

5th January 2005 From Nigeria, Lagos
This is a formula for disaster - bringing back an individual who has inflamed (nearly??) everyone in the work area with unsubstantiated charges of harassment.

My best advice is for you and your co-workers to ignore the individual perhaps (s)he will get the message and go away. Any other course, such as retaliation or retribution can be seen as harassment and would validate the earlier claims.
19th January 2005 From United States,
I have a question. I sent my friend and email telling her that a pic she posted on a site was uncalled for and telling her to take it off and asked her why was posted a pic like that. Then she write back and she is going off on me when all i did was ask her a question. She started yelling and cussing at me. So i got mad at wrote her back. Then i told her iam stopping the emails because she is just trying to make it a bigger situation than it was. Now she wants to charge me with harassment. Can she do that? And if i went to court what could happen to me? If anyone can help me please do. Thanks

3rd March 2006
How can you be the one that was harassing her when all you did was request (civilly I hope), that the pic be removed?

I’m not an attorney, but I believe that you have a better case against her for invasion of privacy and public humiliation (if the pic was embarrassing or shows you in a poor light, and it had a wide distribution.).

You didn’t make it clear - is the picture on a “private” site, or a commercial site, like Google, Yahoo, or other .com (I.e. If it is on a commercial site, contact the administrator and demand that the picture be removed. If it is a private site, contact a competent IT attorney for advice. You can get a reference from the State Bar Association.

Bill Kuzmin
PALADIN Human Resource Consulting

4th March 2006 From United States,
Questioner: After receiving this knowledge of the self (Gyan), is celibacy (brahmacharya) a must do thing?

Dadashri: It is a must for those who can practice it and it is not necessary for those who cannot. If it was amust then those not practicing celibacy (brahmacharya) would not be able to sleep at night, in the fear of not been able to attain liberation. It is enough to just realize that sexuality (abrahmacharya) is wrong.

Questioner : Philosophers say that suppressing sex is against the law of nature, and makes one even more perverted in sexuality. They say that sex is necessary for good health.

Dadashri: They are right. Sex is necessary for those who are ignorant of the Self, the worldly people. Those who understand celibacy (brahmacharya) do not need sex. The one who does not understand celibacy (brahmacharya) cannot be bound by the rules of celibacy (brahmacharya) otherwise, major damage will be done, and he will be destroyed.

Sex is such a thing that one day's sexuality would not let one attain any meaningful concentration on anything for three days. There would be instability in the concentration, focus and task at hand. When one abstains from all forms of sexuality for a month, his stability in concentration and focus is greatly improved.

Sexuality (Abrahmacharya) and alcohol are two things that bring a very heavy veil of ignorance over the knowledge of the self (Gyan). Therefore, one must be very vigilant in these two matters. Alcohol is such that it makes one forget, 'I am Chandulal', then the pure Soul would definitely be forgotten, would it not? That is why the Lord has said that you should be scared of it. The person, who has a complete experience of the Self, would not be affected. Still there lies tremendous danger in its ability to uproot the Lord's Gyan and throw it out.

The one who wants to have the total experience of the Self must definitely not have any element of sexuality, and that too is not a rule. If, in the last fifteen years of his last life, one has been free of sexuality, then it is good enough. It is not necessary to take up this extreme exercise of celibacy (brahmacharya) life after life. Letting go of sexuality should be a natural process so that it goes away on its own. Your unflinching internal decision should be that until you attain liberation, whatever two to four more lives you may have left, would be without marriage. There is nothing like it.

How long will this total experience of the Self elude you? As long as any element of sexual impulses or sexuality remains this will not happen. This means that when pleasure arises it is difficult to discern exactly whether it stems from the Self or from the sex. If celibacy (brahmacharya) is present then it could be understood 'on the moment' that it indeed is the bliss of the Self. When one has this total clear experience of the Self, then one becomes the fully enlightened Lord.
17th August 2010 From India, Pune


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