From "sandysmarty" : hello Friends my name is Sandeep from Delhi which one is capital of India.. ......hey if anyone can help so please help me i want to improve my English speaking and i want to become a good communicator in English so please please give some suggestion that how can i improve my English speaking my communication skills if u know the good book which is usual for improve my english speaking and communication skills so please please suggess me...i realy need that one so much.....if u have sollution so pls send me on my email id and the i.d is
3rd September 2012 From India, Delhi

as_ashu31 142
Hey Sandysmarty
There are many member who in past has faced a similar problem like yours and they have asked this question many a times. It would be beneficial for you if you try searching the same problem in the researh box given above and you will find at least 1000 replies given by the esteemed members.
Just a simple research .......
Like i just typed "Improve English"
And i found a great link how to improve English communication.html
3rd September 2012 From India, Delhi
ACT 435
Here are two links for you to begin your quest to improve your English Language skills
7 C's Of Communication
Go through the replies in both and start implementing the suggestions.
Best Wishes
3rd September 2012 From India, Mumbai
I have a problem in vocabulary how can i remind it all because some time when i read 1st word after that 2nd word so i did not not remember which one i read 1st word can u understand me what i am trying to say.....i can Easly make a sentence but if i do not no about the vocabulary so how can i make good sentence as much need in proper English so in short u just tell me that how can i read the vocabulary to remind being a long time so answer me please....I realy need it its very important for me.....
9th September 2012 From India, Delhi
dsaurav 25
Dear Sandeep, we all know Delhi is the capital of India, and so does the rest of the world. So this your first lesson: never spend time on what is too obvious and known to one and all.
As for improving your communication there are two really simple steps:Watch a good English News channel like NDTV and follow the accent which is a neutral English accent and not anglicized or Americanized.Read the morning newspaper in English loudly, and slowly, for 10 - 15 minutes daily. You should be able to improve your English over the next 2 -3 months.
Good luck,
Saurav Das

22nd October 2012 From India, Mumbai
groyalg 58
Hey Sandy,
Please research the site thoroughly and you will find some help in this regard. I found one link which may be helpful to you, so please check the below:
How To Improve Your Vocabulary
Also, note "practice makes a man perfect", so any new word you learn, try to use it in your communication whenever or wherever applicable.
30th October 2012 From India, Delhi
rajinder_gurwinder 3
Dear Sandeep

learning new Vocab. is not a big deal. you just have to be in the world u r now in. I Mean just follow d world. observe others how they speak, mark d words or lines they use in their daily lives. just copy their words & quotes as we copy the sense of dressing of others or some good things we see in d trend. so just do that. you will easily learn new words & also how to frame them into the sentences. stop thinking in Hindi or in your regional language, dis is our problem, that we think in Hindi & then translate the same in English. Dear English is just a language so we can easily learn it.

My Brother is in standard 10th & he is also facing d same problem as u r facing. so, i just made him cram d words or lines. when ever I am back at home I just give him few words or sentences in English to remember that he will never ever in his life use in Hindi or in Punjabi so that's how he improving his vocabulary. for eg. earlier he used to say when ever he had a quarrel with smone, "tum khud ko samajhta kya ho?" but now a days he says,"what do you think of yourself." it is just an example i started this exercise with him few months ago but now he has improved allot. if u don't have anybody to talk with then switch over to English movies, because my brother is also watching them earlier he did not understand even a single word but he used to sit there for long, but now he can easily grab d words & sentences.

If you think that English (men) are very good in speaking English den u r mistaken. because they don't follow d grammar but we do. one of my students is Nigerian & I teach him English as well. Though it is his mother tongue, but he failed in d exam just because of grammatical errors. he used to say mam dis is d toughest subject now can u imagine that a foreigner is saying that he cannot pass in the language that is very much his own language. so don't loose hope its just u who can help u in improving your comm. skills.

Hope all dis will help u out,
5th November 2012 From India, Delhi
Hi Sandeep
Learning English is not a havoc. Earlier I was also facing the same problem but now i have improved a lot. One of my friend recommended me one English learning channel on Youtube by the name of twominenglish. This lesson is amazing I have learned a lot from this channel. It will help you in not only improving your communication but also your grammatical skills. I am sure it gonna help you too.
8th May 2013 From India, New Delhi
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