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Dear Folks

Few letter templates for your perusal.


Khurram Lodhi.

Dear Mr. _________:

I am seeking a career opportunity as [job title]. I am looking for new challenges and a rewarding, interesting opportunity.

While I am willing to consider any challenging and responsible position, I have a preference for a ________________ position in a [choose either manufacturing or service] company in [geographical area].

I have more than _____ years of [type of experience] experience. Included in my background is more than ______ years experience as [most current and relevant experience]. My educational credentials include [degrees] in [subjects] from [name of universities].

My primary objective is to find the right position with appropriate challenges and rewards and where my value to the company is in excess of my compensation package of $________. Please refer to the enclosed resume for additional information.

You may contact me during the day at [phone number] or in the evening at [phone number].


Dear Mr. __________:

I am writing to you because I am seeking new opportunities for career advancement in the field of _____________. Perhaps one of your current clients may have some interest in my background.

My credentials include a [degree] and [number of years] experience in the field, during which I have been involved in all aspects of [field].

Although I would prefer to live in the [state area] area, I would be open to other geographical areas for the right career opportunity.

Should you be aware of a suitable opportunity with one of your client organizations, I would appreciate hearing from you. I can be reached during the day at [phone number].

Thank you.


Dear Governor _____________:

I am a homeowner and landlord in the [name of district] District of [county name] County. The city of [name of city] was nearly removed from the face of the earth by earthquakes last week.

Speaking for the Homeowners Association, I urge you to declare [name of the city] a disaster area so that we may receive state and/or federal assistance to rebuild our homes and community.

Please help us. Your quick action will allow us to get back to the business of living and raising our families. We will not forget you come election time. As you know, Homeowners Associations across the state are a powerful political force.

Thank you in advance for your considered haste in this dire matter.

Most respectfully yours,

Dear Congressman ___________:

My name is [your name]. I am in favor of our efforts to keep America strong through a strong military.

However, I am concerned about the rumors of radioactive testing that may have been going on for the last forty years. I fear that, if these reports are true, the Pentagon has overstepped its bounds and is endangering the citizens of our country with practices of the most heinous kind.

As my congressman, I urge you to investigate these reports with all the resources at your disposal. My concern is not to weaken the military, but to make sure that dangerous practices are kept in check.

Your investigation into these rumors will be deeply appreciated not only by your constituents, but also by all responsible Americans.


Dear ____________:

Would you write a letter of recommendation for me? I know it has been a couple of years since I worked for you. I did, though, put in a good seven years as your [job title] when you were [boss's job title] with [company name]. You said at that time that you would be happy to recommend me if I ever decided to seek another position. Well, I have decided.

[Name of interested company] has expressed interest in hiring me as a [job title] for a considerable increase in salary, and a great deal more opportunity. They are looking for an independent worker, handy with research materials and with writing skills. If you could stress my abilities in those areas in your letter, I would be most grateful. I have enclosed a separate sheet with the mailing address and addressee for the letter.

I know how busy you are now, [name of person], but even a short note of recommendation would be greatly appreciated.

Respectfully yours,

Dear Mr. ___________:

I am writing to you in response to your request for a recommendation of [candidate], who worked for me, in the ____________ department of [name of company]. He was not a [job sought] when he worked for me, but rather a [job title].

[Candidate] was an above average [job title]. He is a pleasant person who got along well with the other employees.

He also seemed enthusiastic about his job in the ____________ department. His attitude toward his work and his cooperation were above average.

I hope the above information answers your concerns.


Dear Mr. and Mrs. __________:

My name is [your name], and I am this year's president of [name of association or club].

I would like to invite you to attend one of our meetings to find out for yourself about the wonderful activities we offer--see the enclosed schedule.

The [name of organization] has been established for twenty-two years in this community.[List background and benefits of being a member].

Won't you please come and see for yourself the advantages of belonging to our organization. I look forward to meeting you.

Thank you very much for your time and interest.


Dear Mrs. __________:

My name is _______________, and I am [title of office held] of the [name of organization].

I would like to invite you to join us at our next meeting and all our important functions in the future. The [name of organization] was founded in [year founded] in response to [problems and/or objectives of the organization]. We have discovered, since then, that our organizational work is badly needed in a wide variety of ecological "wars" in the coastal zone.

Won't you please respond to my invitation by using the enclosed postcard? We look forward to seeing you and any of your friends you care to bring along to the meeting.

Concerned citizens like you mean the difference between success and failure in our struggle to preserve the natural beauty of our coast. Your time and efforts are deeply appreciated.

Yours very truly,

Dear Product Manager:

I purchased one of your [identify product] about four years ago. It was an anniversary present for my wife, and she was flattered by my good taste. She just loved the [identify product] and never went anywhere without it.

Unfortunately, on our last vacation the [identify product] was lost. It goes without saying that my wife was deeply upset. She had lost something that was both beautiful and dear to her.

I have checked with my local [supplier] and have been unable to find the [identify product] anywhere. They told me that it is no longer available. Is this so? Or do you perhaps have the [identify product] on back order? If you do, please send the current price and an order form.

Please respond quickly. My wife will be eternally grateful and equally surprised when I "find" her lost treasure.

I appreciate your time and attention to this request.

Yours truly,

Attention Order Desk:

On [date of order], I placed an order for an accessories catalog for your [identify product type]. You told me the catalog was out of stock and had to be back ordered.

That was three months ago! Is it still out of stock or have you lost my original order?

No matter what the trouble is, please let me know promptly what's going on. I've got a brand new [product type], and I want to get it ready for the summer.

Thank you.



Attention Order Desk:

Please ship me [specify order]. This [item] is advertised on page _____ of your ______________ issue. Enclosed is my check of $_________ for full payment, including shipping charges.

I would like the [item] shipped to:

[address for delivery]

Thank you very much for your prompt attention to my order.


Dear ________:

This letter is to confirm my telephone order of yesterday for [specify order] for my car.

I have enclosed a check for $_______, and I would like the [item] shipped to:

[address for delivery]

Cordially yours,

Dear Mr. __________:

I would like to open a credit account with your organization.

I have been buying [describe item] from your company on a C.O.D. basis. Now I would like the convenience of charging these purchases with payment made within [time frame] from receipt of the invoice.

I have my account with [name of bank]. In addition, I have attached a list of references who will vouch for my business and personal integrity.

I look forward to your prompt favorable reply.

Yours truly,

Dear Ms. _________:

I would like to open a charge account at your store. I have been a cash customer of yours for many years. Now like to enjoy the convenience of charging my purchases.

If there is any information about me that you would like to have, please let me know.


Dear Ms. ___________:

This is to inform you that we have not received payment for [amount] that appeared on our billing statement of [date]. If you have already made the payment, please disregard this notice.

If there is any question about your bill, please call my office immediately.

Thank you for giving your prompt attention to this matter.


Dear __________:

This is a note requesting you repay me that [type of loan] loan I made to help you cover your [type of expenses] expenses ________ months ago. To remind you, the loan was for $______.

I would appreciate a check at once. Your promptness will insure the loan remains as friendly as it was when first made.

Warm regards,

Dear Mr. _________:

SUBJECT: Payment Reminder

This letter is intended simply as a reminder that we have not yet received payment for your March statement of $______. If you have already forwarded your check, please disregard this reminder.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Yours truly,

Dear Ms. ______________:

Small businesses, such as ours, are often faced with cash-flow problems. Overdue accounts [even recently overdue ones as in your case] can place an unusual burden upon us.

Though the amount of your payment is a small one, $______ for the month of August, it is very important to us. We need and want your business, just as you depend on our products. Please allow us to continue our mutually beneficial relationship by sending your check along to us promptly.

The enclosed duplicate invoice is for your bookkeeping. We have also enclosed a return envelope for your convenience.

Very truly yours,

Dear Sir or Madam:

I'm not sure if you have a complaint department or not. But you should have since your order department clearly makes numerous mistakes. Once, again my order is long overdue.

I ordered the three volume set of __________________ on March 10th. Two months ago! I use these items and others I've ordered from you for my ______________ class. Needless to say, when they don't arrive, it causes me a great amount of trouble.

Please rush the [items ordered] to me within the next week, or you can simply cancel my order and expect no further orders from me.


Repair Department:

My [product purchased] has been back and forth to your company for repairs repeatedly this past year. When I get it back and plug it in, it shorts itself out, along with the rest of my house.

At this point, I expect a full refund. I don't want another one like it, nor another attempt at fixing this one. I refuse to waste any more of my time or money on this appliance.

I think I deserve a refund immediately. Don't you? I've put this question to you before; and because of your past reticence, I feel it necessary to tell you I'm considering going to my local consumer ombudsman if my request is not met. So please take prompt action.

Truly frustrated,

Dear Mr. __________:

Your letter was handed to me today, and I thank you for your frank description of the difficulty you had with our last shipment of [item purchased].

I am very concerned about the two-week delay in the shipment of your [items], and I apologize for the inconvenience it must have caused you. I have begun a thorough check of what caused the delay to be sure that shipping problems of this sort do not happen again.

You are perfectly justified in requesting reimbursement of shipping charges since the shipment was so late. I am enclosing a check for $_____ for those charges.

[Company name] places great value in your business, and I will personally supervise your future shipments to guarantee their promptness.

Very truly yours,

Dear Mr. _______:

Thanks for your letter calling my attention to the defective [item purchased] you bought from us. I'm really sorry the [item] didn't perform as it should have.

I will personally test the replacement [item] before shipping it to you. Of course, there will be no shipping charge in picking up the defective one or in getting the new press out to you.

I've enclosed a claim form for you to list any stock waste caused by the damaged [item] so that we can reimburse you. We always try very hard to satisfy our customers; you can count on us to take care of any of your business needs in the future.

Cordially yours,

Dear Mrs. _________:

It's so nice to be remembered in such a wonderful way. That's why a whole lot of gratitude comes with this note on this day. You are truly a generous and thoughtful person.

With warmest thanks,

Dear Mr. ________:

Your generous recommendation for me to [name of company] was greatly appreciated. Thank you!

[first name, if appropriate], I could not have made it this far in the interview process without you. The job skills that you have taught me over the years have created many opportunities. I am truly grateful for your interest.

I will keep you posted on my advancement.

Thank you again,

Dear Mr. ______________:

I am writing you this letter instead of contacting you by phone. Enclosed you will find a complete listing of the products and services provided by [name of company]. An exciting offer to purchase a[list number of products] for _____ percentage off the list price is now being offered exclusively to companies such as yours.

[Name of company] has been producing [type of products] products for over _____ years. During this time, we have become the industry sales leader. Our wide base of customers in various market segments leads me to believe in the solid potential for [name of company]'s products in your marketing environment.

I appreciate you taking the time to look through the information enclosed. I will call you next week to explore any mutually beneficial opportunities between [name of prospective company] and [name of company].

Thank you for your time. I look forward to speaking with you.


P.S. Due to limited supply, the offer to purchase the above products for _____ percentage off the list price ends on ________. In order to insure that both you and your company don't miss this unbeatable offer, please contact me at [phone number] as soon as possible.

Dear Mr. _________________:

Are you satisfied with your results in the stock market; or, are you interested in making more money grow faster by better-informed investing?

Why have companies like [names of two companies] been so profitable for investors? Because in our rapidly changing world new kinds of technology solve problems faster and more efficiently. Companies like [names of the two companies] provide new products and services and are therefore among the leaders in the technology revolution.

We are not trying to imply that an investor who today bought [names of the two companies] would realize the exceptional results of the past five years. But similar new innovative companies, popping up out of no where, could equal or surpass [names of the two companies]'s showing.

The main point is would you like to know more about the technological changes that professional investors are focusing on today?

If you would, just mail the enclosed postage paid card and we will send you a copy of our recently completed report, [title of report]. We think it is required reading for all investors who want to make their capital grow.


Dear Mr. ________:

Upon acceptance of this letter, [name of company 1] hereby authorizes [name of company 2] to sell [type product] through its [type of] distribution channels.

[Name of company 2] agrees to abide by all trademarks and licensing arrangements as set forth by [name of company 1] in the enclosed contract. To finalize this acceptance, this contract must be signed by an appropriate agent of [name of company 2] and returned to [name of company 1] by [date].

Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter. We look forward to a beneficial working relationship with you and [name of company 2].


Dear __________:

Last month when you and I were discussing the problems that customers are having with defective [type of defective product], I suggested that you simply mail us a report at the end of each month on the number of returns by customers. That way you don't have to go to the trouble of returning the defective product to us and can dispose of it at your convenience. We will either issue you a credit memo or replace the defective [type of product], according to your choice indicated in your report.

I'm sorry that you have had problems with [type of defective product], [name of addressee]. You can be sure that we will straighten out the problem even if it requires changing our vendors. I will personally stay on top of it until this thing is satisfactorily settled. Good to see you again, [name of addressee].

Cordially yours,

Dear _________:

Congratulations on being named [new title] of [name of company]. You've wanted this position for a long time; you certainly earned it!

I know it took a lot of time and effort to reach this objective and now it is clear that it was worth the effort. With this new position should come a great deal of satisfaction and fulfillment that comes with guiding your own ideas into action.

If there's anything I can do in the weeks and months ahead, please let me know and I will be glad to help.

With warmest regards,

Dear _________:

The good news that you were promoted to [job title] was celebrated by all of us here in the _____ department. [name of company] certainly picked the right person for the job. Congratulations!

You have earned this advancement, [name of person]. Your consistent good work and extra efforts set an example for all of us in this field. Again, congratulations on this well deserved promotion.

Warmest regards,

Dear Mr. and Mrs. ___________:

Please accept our invitation for dinner to be held at [location] on [date] at [time]. Your presence would be greatly appreciated.

Please let us know if you will be able to attend by calling us at [phone number].

Yours truly,
Dear family and friends:

You are invited to a birthday party for [name]!




Given By:

R.S.V.P. by:

If you have any other questions please contact me at [phone number].

Yours truly,


Dear Ms. _________:

We need to have our telephone service changed from our current address to our new address as of [date].

Our old address: _____________________________________

Our new address: _____________________________________

Please discontinue service at the old address concurrent with the new service.

Please call us immediately at [phone number] if this request presents any problems.

Thank you,

Dear Mrs. _________:

We need to have our electric service moved to our new address as of [date].

Our old address: _____________________________________

Our new address: _____________________________________

Please discontinue service at the old address concurrent with the new service.

Please call us immediately at [phone number] if this request presents any problems.

Thank you,

Dear Mr. ________:

[Name of employee] is employed by [name of company]. We are a [type of business] and are located in [name of city]. He is required to travel and perform specific [type of position] duties for which the company has no qualified replacements. His absence from work for jury duty would create an extreme financial burden for the company and put at risk the continued operations of [name of company].

In addition, [name of company] is small and has no policy for paying employees for absence during jury duty. [Employee name] has stated that this loss of income would severely impact his personal financial condition.

I sincerely request that you excuse [name of employee] from jury duty.

Sincerely yours,

Dear __________:

There is absolutely no excuse for my missing our meeting on [date] or at least getting word to you. I had written the appointment down on my calendar, but somehow I got the day mixed up.

Please forgive me. I am anxious to see you and will call to schedule a new time. I will not disappoint you again.

13th June 2007 From Pakistan, Lahore

Could anyone sent me the template for the refund amount. Awaiting an early reply............thanks !!!!!!!!
16th May 2009 From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Dear sir, can u sent me the letter format for REQUEST BANK TO OPEN BANK ACCOUNT for my employee?? Thanks for helping
28th May 2009 From Malaysia, Semenyih
Thank you, for great help. Can you help me i am looking for Salary increment letter??? Thanks again Aminul ISLAM
24th May 2010 From Pakistan, Karachi


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