sunita123 Started The Discussion:
Dear Members,

Greetings !!!!!!

I plan to congratulate my employees for their completion of 1yr ( or more) of their service with us.

I want it to be professional, so can you guide me the best way of doing it.

Offcourse sending an official mail is one thing, apart from this what else can I do to make it more impressive and memorable.

Kindly pour in your valuable suggestions in this regard.

Any important doc concerning the same can be sent at
Posted 26th May 2009 From India, Hyderabad
We used to give an appreciation letter to all employees who complete 1/2/3 yr at our organization. Its a simple letter given by director to boost the morale of employees. Also we do ULIP investment for some 'important' employees to retain them once they complete 1/2 yrs. You may give a momento as well.

Posted 26th May 2009 From India, New Delhi
Hi Sunita,

You may call them "Milestone Awards". These milestones can be for shorter durations like 1/2/3 yrs. or longer durations like 5/10/15, etc depending on the your organisation and the tenure of an employee with the organisation.

This may include a certificate, a bouquet of flowers and gift vouchers (non taxable) / lumpsum cash (taxable) / a momento (goldcoin,etc.).

1. a mail may be sent out to all employees about the milestone achievement
2. all of the above reward items may be given to the employee by the head of the company / head of business
3. the distribution of the reward items may be done during an event where all employees gather like an annual party/company foundation day
4. this will have to be accompanied with a citation about the good work done by the employee and his good qualities. This citation will have to be read out during the distribution and may be prepared by the employee's immediate reporting manager and reviewed by HR.

Hope this helps.
Posted 26th May 2009 From India, Mumbai
Dear Sunita U can send him a Congratulation Letter for their Succsesful Complition of particular period . i think it will more effective way to motivate & congratulate . Regards Shubham
Posted 27th May 2009 From India, Hyderabad
Hi Sunita,

Firstly hats off to you that you have come with such idea.
Showz your concern towards the employees which is very appreciable part .Also its good innovtive idea of appreciation & retention.

Emereen,Gynjan & Shubham- best suggestion to make our employees happy..Very beautiful thots.

Rashmi bhalerao
Posted 27th May 2009 From India, Mumbai
Dear sunita,

A few points to share:

If you can spare 15 - 20 minutes for a seperate session, it will be really worth more than mere words.

Have a small gathering with the employees. Please make note of the achievements of the employees who have completed their one year tenure. A few may have few notable achievements, whereas, for others - it can be even a "great team player". Likewise, read it aloud: For example - if you have completed one year, it may go as follows:

"She has been a great source of support for all team members during a critical situation. Her valuable contribution has left everyone in the team happy about working with her. A few feathers to hers hat. Achievement a) , b)...

XYZ company hired her on 27-May-08 and we are glad that Sunita has completed her one year successful tenure with us - a big round of applause"

Like wise - read out for the other few too.

At the end - close the session by a cake cutting ceremony! :-)
Make sure the cake is big enough and has all their names on it. if you could make this at the end of the day - it will be really fun.

Are you in the ITES industry? if so - you can make it a part of the friday fun activity, and also include some recordings of these employees which has some famous bloopers of theirs. And also - a few of the best calls to make them feel good ;-)
Posted 27th May 2009 From India, Madras
Hi Sunita

As suggested by the other members u can go for momentos to all of them.
But the session you can make a great one by calling their families and prepare a ppt highlighting their imp moments with the organization.

Posted 28th May 2009 From India, Guwahati
Dear Sunita,It is a nice opportunity to focus in the area of employee retention by issuing congrajulation letter highting their contribution towards company and arranging a snacs party at week end may boost their morals are the good option .A.K.NANDY
Posted 28th May 2009 From India, Mumbai
Such employees can also be given: - A paid "Evening with Family" (upto a max. amount) - A couple of paid Holidays to him/her. Prashant
Posted 28th May 2009 From India, Delhi
Dear sunita,

Emereen and Asha Mathew had given valuable suggestion; also you can post their Detail & achievements, on the Notice Board along with Photographs. This motivates hard working Employees....

Posted 28th May 2009 From India, Bangalore
Dear sunita,

Emereen and Asha Mathe had given valuable suggestion; also you can post their Detail & achievements, on the Notice Board along with Photographs. This motivates hard working Employees....:icon1:

Srinath Puranik
Posted 28th May 2009 From India, Bangalore
It's nice to see all your replies, i have completed three years in organisation, my boss didn't even congratulate me, i think he didn't even know that i have completed my three years :-( which is very disappointing.


Posted 28th May 2009 From India, Madras
Congrats Rajesh! You have done a great Job! 3 yrs!!! Excellent. Arent you thinking of moving out?:-D
Posted 28th May 2009 From India, Madras
Thanks Asha Matthew. Yes i’m thinking to move out, but there is no position outside. Regards, Rajesh
Posted 28th May 2009 From India, Madras
Hi Sunita ,

In my organisation we have culture and seprate bugdet for celebrating this moment , i may suggest you order a cake (as per your budget) then cake cutting and small snacks party in the end of the day among all employees will be a good option .

This is good to see that you are taking intiative for this kind of activity this will help you to motive your employee atleast they fell that company recognize their valuable contribution for giving one year time serving that company .
Good keep it up!


Posted 28th May 2009 From India, Bhopal
Hi Sunita,
I had a suggestion for you.

I dont know how much is the company willing to shell out as there might be many such cases, i suggest getting a cake and inviting all the concerned team-members, seniors, subordinates etc. to congratulate the employee would be a nice option.

If you could arrange to highlight the employees achievements/ performance/ behaviour during the past year, by his/her team-members; it would be a great morale booster. A small gift (personalised with the employees name / achivement) would help create a bond with the company.


JAI :idea:
Posted 28th May 2009 From India, Gurgaon
Dear Sunita,

I'd suggest you give a small plant which would be available at any plant nursery alongwith a note of appreciation. Its not only an eco friendly idea but it also depicts growth of the employee in the organization.

Posted 28th May 2009 From India, Mumbai

AnyOne Can tell me about PF..What is the benefit of PF for the company and for the employee.

I joined a company newly where they are not deducting PF. I wanted to suggest this option to them.

Please let me know as soon as possible.

HR Generalist
Posted 28th May 2009 From India, Bangalore
Hello Sunita,
Look where the world has come to in this recession:-) !!!!????

Earlier on, there used to be appreciation/motivation awards [whatever name you want to give it] used to be given once an employee completed 10, then 5, then 3 yrs of service. Now it's a gr8 achievement when he/she completes even an year:-)..........just kidding mind you:-)

Neverthless...a good idea. And I think others have covered the 'how to do it' part.


Posted 28th May 2009 From India, Hyderabad
Very simple dear 'Be in touch'.It means ask his/her performance any time in a day.And appreciate whatever they have done. Purushottam Kumar
Posted 28th May 2009 From India, Pune
Dear Jancy, Your idea is also worth considering ,only if we had enough space in these concrete jungles.
Posted 29th May 2009 From India, Hyderabad
hi sunita

although you have got many good suggestions, i just want to add if you could have a power point presentation of those employees where you can add their photographs while doing their duties (if available) or simply writing their contribution to the organisation and also their strength may be depicted with their photographs on the projection screen.

dinesh ahuja
Posted 29th May 2009 From India, Karnal
Hello Sateesh,

I do acknowledge the fact that many of the employees these days only look for a better pay package rather than company but such intiatives can make them feel valued in the organisation.
Posted 29th May 2009 From India, Hyderabad


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