From "Rajesh Balasubramanian" : Friends
I have query !
Mathematically, a circle comes to cessation at 360 degree. When we mention a 720 degree are we talking of any overlapping of two systems where one involves one aspect and another deals with a separate?
Since i have not come across any 720 degree appraisal i am bit intrigued in knowing the same
Rajesh B
Valuelanes, Bangalore
11th June 2005 From India, Bangalore

Hai all
please reply to this title because Iam also eager to know what is 720 degree appraisal, i too guess that weather it is a over lapping of two circles ie, two variants or some thing other than that, expecting your reply.
thank you
14th June 2005 From India, Madras
Rajesh Balasubramanian 3
Friends Hope our friend who is carrying out the 720 degree appraisal would be help us geeeting the insight Cheers Rajesh B Valuelanes, bangalore
14th June 2005 From India, Bangalore
Bob Gately 42
Doing a 360 annually is not anything new. The 360 we use has a report that compares the current 360 to the previous 360 so that we can see the changes over time. Does that sound like a 720? We also have an Organizational Management Analysis report that presents a compilation of the information obtained from the individual 360 results of a group of managers. Delivered via the Internet, the report provides a factual summary of the perceptions of a management group with input from the managersí bosses, peers, and direct reports.
14th June 2005 From United States, Chelsea
Ajmal Mirza 24
that's true... There is a very slight improvement over 360 degree..
But the fact is, you don't see major break through in HR so often...
so even small enhancement to current tools are beneficial....
Ajmal Mirza
14th June 2005 From India, Ahmadabad
Bob Gately 42
Hello Ajmal:
>that's true... There is a very slight improvement over 360 degree.<
Some 360 providers don't want employers to see what has improved--all too often the improvement is marginal at best.
>But the fact is, you don't see major break through in HR so often...<
I agree, but the book "First break all the rules, what the world's greatest managers do differently" could be a break through if readers were to ask for help in putting its insights to work. We have been doing it for a long time.
>so even small enhancement to current tools are beneficial...<
I agree, but is a 720 anything more than two 360s?
14th June 2005 From United States, Chelsea
Ajmal Mirza 24
hi robert...
my remarks were of what is happening in the general industry....
Even I need to read a lot more on 720 degree... I think that the concept is
still developing...
And yes i believe that it is going to be more than two 360s... as it would have direct relations between to appraisals and not just comparing...
with this, i mean to emphasis that we should accept even small enhancement to our current tools if it is going to improve our work..
I agree that your consultancy might be using similar techniques before somebody else gave it a fancy name... none the less the technique, even you would agree is beneficial for the HR community
Ajmal Mirza
14th June 2005 From India, Ahmadabad
Bob Gately 42
Hello Ajmal: A 720 is still two 360s but as you say with a different name. Since we have already developed a 720 what makes the one you described different?
14th June 2005 From United States, Chelsea
Ajmal Mirza 24
First let me clarify.... I not an authority on the subject as I stated earlier... That I still am reading the subject
Some of the points of difference I came across are [actual quote for the document]
720 degree does not propose to be of only two assessment but a continuous assessment...
Further, I belive that preparing of the tool has to be done keeping in mind that the outcome is going to be evaluated again after some specified period.... So the assessment sheets and forms are to be prepared accordingly....
The more I read it... I come to believe that it is different from traditional 360 degree...
Would be able to comment further only once I have read the subject thoroughly
Ajmal Mirza
14th June 2005 From India, Ahmadabad
i am raaj doing a project in720 degree appraisal , my project title is 720 degree scan correlated across leading organization in an experience band of 2 - 10 years , this appraisal system includes all the personal relationships and peer group of tyhe employee to appraise him/her as i believe that the climate in which performance is generated is off the work and hence a mother would be a person to appraise as she knows the individual better than anybody else , my project includes 8 organizations of 10 employees in each organization and 11 respondents for each employee , i am doing this in hyderabad and i need industry contacts in carrying out the project in ease.
with regards
14th June 2005 From India, Hyderabad
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