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Dear All,

:icon1:A sardar learning English introduces his family in the party:
Hi! I am sardar,
This is my sardarni
He is my kid,
and…. she is my kidney.:icon1:

:icon1:One House Wife is scolding her maid servant as she is not getting her costly undergarments and she is blaming her that she has stolen the undergarments.
Then the maid servant started to cry and went to the husband of the house wife and told him : “Sir, you know very well that I never wear undergarments!! Don’t you?”:icon1:

:icon1:An absent-minded husband thought he had conquered his problem of trying to remember his wife's birthday and their anniver- sary. He opened an account with a florist, provided that florist with the dates and instructions to send flowers to his wife on these dates along with an appropriate note signed,
"Your loving husband."

His wife was thrilled by this new display of attention and all went well until one day, some bouquets later, when he came home, kissed his wife and said off-handedly, "Nice flowers, honey. Where'd you get them?":icon1:

:icon1:One day a young man and his wife were invited to visit an elderly couple for dinner. The elderly couple had been married for about 60 years, and seemed to love each other very much. The husband would always address his wife as honey, pumpkin, etc. When the two women disappeared to the kitchen the younger man asked the elderly man, "How do you manage to keep calling your wife honey and stuff after being married for so long?" The man blushed as he looked away for a moment, then turned back to the young man and relpied, "I forgot her name ten years ago.":icon1:

:icon1:Titanic was sinking.

Santa: How much the earth is far from here?

Banta: 1 kilo meter.

Santa jumped into the sea and asked again: "...In which direction?"

Banta: Downwards !!:icon1:

:icon1:Santa: Why do you take your wife to night clubs only?

Banta: By the time she gets ready no other place is open.:icon1:

:icon1:Santa: I am so miser (kanjoos) that I went alone for my honeymoon and saved half the money.

Banta: That is nothing, I saved full money. I sent my wife for honeymoon with a friend.:icon1:

:icon1:Wife: (standing in front of mirror) I am fat, old, wrinkled and no longer pretty. Will you still give me a romantic compliment?

Husband: Your eyesight is still excellent !:icon1:

:icon1:A husband was returning home after cremating his wife.

He sees heavy lightning and thunderstorm in the sky.

Husband thinks: She must have reached there.:icon1:

:icon1:Wife: Look a thief has entered our kitchen and he is eating the cake I prepared.

Annoyed Husband: Whom should I call now, Police or Ambulance...?!:icon1:

:icon1:Wife: Sweet Heart ! When you remove your specks you look like the same cute guy whom I married 20 years back.

Husband: Yes dear, when I remove my specks, you also look like the same charming girl whom I married 20 years back.:icon1:

20th February 2009 From India, Madras


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