From "NAVAID" : Hi
Research Topic: What factors influence in career planning/Development Process
I selected this topic for my research proposal writing. I need your help to provide me guideline and highlight those factors, which influence the career planning/development.
Many students suffered after completion of any academic and professional degree. They do not have any idea where they are going.
Some factors I observed during my research are,
· Lack of training
· Lack of Good mentor/trainer services
· No sufficient knowledge about industry
· No contacts with relevant professionals
· Hesitations to talk with senior
Still I am searching other causes that are blocking career path. Kindly send me good tips.
I am waiting your reply.
Thanks and regards
Navaid Abbas
16th August 2006 From United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi

leolingham2000 207
Navaid Abbas

Career Planning Factors

As you plan your career, take the following seven human-relations factors into consideration.

The longer you stay with a growing company, the more opportunities you will have, provided that you continue to learn and maintain good horizontal and vertical relationships.

Moving horizontally into every possible department in an organization is a good idea, even if the move does not give you an immediate pay increase. Not only will you improve your knowledge base, but you will also be in a position to build new relationships that can help your career progress.

Discover and study the various channels of promotion in your company. Attempt to move up through the channel that best suits your ability. Set the stage for promotion through your human-relations skills.

Within bounds, do not fear being aggressive. Submit ideas that have been well researched. Communicate upward. Demonstrate your human-relations skills at every opportunity.

When a position becomes vacant, let management know in the right way that you are interested. Do not assume that they know. It doesn't hurt your relationships with others to ask.

Cultivate and maintain relationships outside your organization, especially with people in professional or trade organizations. If it becomes obvious that your organization cannot provide you with the growth opportunities you desire, these individuals can help you scramble.

Keep in mind that the training you receive as an employee (whether as a stabilizer or a scrambler) may be preparing you to enter a new career in an emerging field or to open a business of your own. Entrepreneurship is continuing to grow and is experiencing rapid growth in most parts of the world. E-commerce and improving communication technologies are creating exciting opportunities for all types of people, especially entrepreneurs.

================================================== ===========


What external forces are affecting your career planning?

-market trends

-family message

-friends message

-society message

-media message

-technology / changes

-market demand / supply

-expectations of the society

-company re-locations

-family re-locations

-job outgrowing

-job burnout



What internal forces are affecting your career planning?

-corporate strategic planning

-corporate objectives

-corporate strategy

-merger/ acquisitions

-organization structure

-organization development programs

-organization culture changes

-organization succession plans

-criteria for promotions

-performance management systems

-competency requirements change

-potential assessments

-organization future needs

-job changes


================================================== ==============

What activities are you most interested in having as a part of your career?

-career work meets your interest

-career work meets your values

-career work uses your skills

-career work requires your competences

-career work meets your life and career balance

-career adaptability

-career changes


================================================== ==

What are some value needs you want your career to fulfill?

-pay package

-variety tasks

-job independence

-job security

-job prestige

-job contribution to society

-freedom on the job

-meet lifestyle preferences

================================================== ======

What skills do you have or want to gain that you will use in your career?

-more experience

-more education

-more training

-support for aptitude

-support for attitude

-skills variety

-support for aspirations

-support for my readiness

-support for motivations

-support for commitment

================================================== ==================================


17th August 2006 From India, Mumbai
archnahr 103
Hi Leo Lingham,

That is a wonderful comprehensive answer.

I would like to ask you, what happens in the case, when you are a good employee and performing very well but your immediate boss is biased.

Everybody else is happy with the performance and the efforts you are contributing but at the time of appraisal boss gets biased due to wrong feedback by his P.A.

I'll make simpler, this is the practical problem one of my friend is facing,

she is in Finance (directly reports to the Finance director )and efficient employee. Has done a good job in the company, but due to politics the P.A of the boss tried to interfere in some of the her work and even stole her ideas and presented to the management as her own, due to which now a cold war is going on between them.

The P.A is quite close (in every sense) to the boss, and at the time of appraisal the boss has given slight negative feedback for my friend, which is opposed by other senior people in the organisation.

What do we do in this case for career planning? She is worried as this biasness can withheld her promotion?

Kindly respond ASAP.


17th August 2006 From India, Delhi
devjit28 1
In my company, we follow a kind of weighted-average principle, whereby the HOD does not have the sole authority in terms of promotion or rewards etc etc. Everybody gives their feedback about almost everybody else, and so long as an employee is not outright incompetent, other people's feedback do have weightage in the decisions relating to him. Of course, there are just 35 employees in my company.
18th August 2006 From India, Gurgaon
leolingham2000 207

The situation about your friend is not new.Such things happen in many

organizations. It is outcome of petty jealousy or personality differences

or superiority complex or envy of success etc .

You must also understand that a boss will not treat all his/her

sub-ordinates in the same manner. He/She has liking for people

at different levels of intensity.

I also know that career planning / development is carried out by HR

in consultation with departmental managers.

But the real career planning is in one's own mind

-your single mindness

-your aptitude

-your attitude towards career success

-your ambition intensity




What HR/ departmental management does is , provide the employee

with is --structure / affordable resources to help oneself.



What your friend should do

-perform like professional

-do her best in every job

-do things right at the first time/ every time

-focus on self development.

If he/she finds his/her career path blocked and is convinced, then your friend

should go out / test her talent/ seek a better opportunity.



It is no use challenging the boss/ getting involved with PA, who is

close to the boss.

Your friend may win the battle, but will lose the war.


18th August 2006 From India, Mumbai
archnahr 103
Hi LeoLingham,
Thanks for your quick response.
I agree that we alone design our career plans and can go for it with our efforts and development.
And you know, this is what happened with my friend, yesterday the HR director recommended her for a new position coming up in her oranisation later this year.
So, her efforts and support from other members of senior management have been fruitful.
Thanks once again.
18th August 2006 From India, Delhi
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